Hi everyone, welcome to the Tar Sands Watch!

We are Jack & Suzanne, both enthusiastic bloggers who would like to educate you on sketchy products and therefore help you making the right buying decision.
There are various categories of products that we write reviews on, so we don’t really specialize in one field. We strive to test as many products as we can, to help as many people as we possibly can!

Why would you help us?

Like many of you, we like sitting on the couch just watching the television at night. With that, of course, come the sketchy infomercials that promise you the world. While some products deliver on their promises, some tend to fall flat or literally fail to deliver. We couldn’t find a proper source to constantly get reviews from so we thought to ourselves: “Why don’t we start writing these reviews?”.

Our first ever and probably most important review was written by me, Jack. It was about a product called red copper pan and I think that I did an amazing job reviewing that. Have a look at it, you will like it!

How can this site help me?

If you watch infomercials regularly then this website could definitely be of big value to you. You can simply search our website for the product you want to know more about and, if we reviewed it, you will find our personal experience and in the end make an educated buying decision. Isn’t that amazing?

In every review we add pro’s and cons for you to have a quick glance at, it will list all of the positives and negatives we found and if you’d like you can even judge the product solely based on that. It’s handy for when you don’t want to read through an entire review and just want to quickly see what we think about the product. There’s a similar thing going on with reviews that contain multiple products of the same kind.

When that’s the case, we put a table on top of the long list with the most important things listed there, you can just look at that and know what’s in the review. The text itself usually just goes into tremendous detail as in what problem the product would solve and if we think the promises are being kept. The tables mostly include if we recommend it, if the price is low, medium or high, some specific features, a quick link that jumps to the review of a product and a link to a webshop where you can buy the product if you’d like.

This website used to be from the Polaris Institute and it was an informational activism website against 804 spills and other oil pipeline problems in the alberta tar sands. but it’s now our site where we put up reviews on sketchy products to help the people with doubts.