Baseboard buddy: a real asset to my household!

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Hi, my name is Suzanne and I am about to tell you all about my latest purchase: the baseboard buddy.

Why did I need a baseboard buddy?woman using baseboard buddy

Me and my family recently moved to a new house. Well, for us it is new, but this house was built around 1920 and we fell in love with it for its antique characteristics. The house needed to be thoroughly renovated and it took us 8 months to bring it back to its old glory. The top of the windows are all made of stained-glass which gives a wonderful illumination angle.

Another feature we fell for immediately are the high antique ceilings with various, beautiful ornaments and baseboards in the same style. These ornaments and the baseboards are present in every single room, even in the pantry and the bathroom! Let me tell you that our house counts 8 rooms altogether, and you will get an idea of why I bought the baseboard buddy.

Let me tell you about the weekly cleaning

Well, with so many beautiful decorations, ornaments and baseboards in the house, you may understand that cleaning became a hell of a job! At first, I just sat on my hands and knees to dust or scrub the baseboards. After 30 minutes of scrubbing the baseboard, I felt as if my back would crack and my knees were numb.

I also had to climb on a ladder to be able to reach the ceiling ornaments. Each time, I had to drag the ladder into the next room which exhausted me. I had to find a way to ease these hard and time consuming cleaning jobs!

I heard about this wonderful duster on the television, there was this super sketchy infomercial. Since I am not very confident about the products that are sold on TV, I decided to read a number of baseboard buddy reviews. Most cleaners were very pleased with it. It was time to order one myself!

What can a baseboard buddy do for you?baseboard buddy angle

Most of the time, I use it as a duster. The pad is made of microfibre so I can also make it wet and give the baseboards a good scrub in case they are dirty. The fiber of the pad makes that the dirt sticks to the pad. Also, in one strike, the pad cleans the top and the front of the baseboard and ornament. It turns around really easy and I no longer have to hold my arms and hands in exhausing positions. The baseboard buddy comes with 3 pads. These can be used over and over again. Just rinse it and it is ready to be used. Because of the telescopic handle, I can easily reach the ornaments on the ceilings. I no longer have to wobble on my ladder (which I find super scary anyway!). baseboard buddy

And what else can you do with it?

I found that the baseboard buddy not only cleans your baseboards and ornaments on the ceiling, but I also use it to clean just about any surface I can reach with it. Think about curtain rails, chair legs, banisters and fireplace mantles. I also remove the cobwebs with the baseboard buddy.

Let me, in conclusion, summarize the pro’s and cons for you.

  • easy way of cleaning baseboards and ceiling ornaments
  • no more scubbing on hands and feet and no more back pain
  • can be used dry and wet
  • reasonable price
  • flexible head design
  • The head may be a little too flexible at times
  • It takes a little time to find the right angle for the head

In conclusion I can say that it definitely meets my expectations and saves me a lot of hard work in the house! Remember this baseboard buddy review is honest and personal. I hope this baseboard buddy review helps you to decide whether you – like me – are going to make your cleaning jobs in the house a lot easier!


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