Car cane: Is it a good product? My honest review.

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Hi, my name is Suzanne. I am pleased to share my experience with car cane!car cane

Why did I buy the car cane?

Last year I had to undergo surgery in hospital to get a new hip joint. The whole hip joint was replaced and after two months of intensive recovery, I was allowed to drive my car again. I was so happy to be free again! Also,  after not having been able to move around for quite some time, I have put on quite some weight. That makes getting up even more difficult.

However,  I wasn’t a happy driver at all since it didn’t work out as I hoped. Getting in and out of the car had become quite difficult. I really needed someone to support me every time. It became even so bad that I’d rather not drive anymore.

How it turned out

That is until my neighbor told me about carcane. Let me tell you some more about this product. It is a plastic, non-slip grip and it supports me to get in and out of the car. All I need to do is click it gently in my car’s door latch and it is ready to use. It fits nicely in the door of my tiny car. I hold myself to the hand grip and I feel secure it won’t slip since it feels very, very stable.

Even though it is plugged in really firmly, the carcane easily unlocks when I am seated or standing next to my car seat. You do not need to put a lot of pressure on the grip to unlock it from the door. When I have finished using it, I can put it away neatly in the door pocket or the glove box, so I don’t have to search for it and I can find it straight away when I need it.

And there’s more

When I go out by car at night when it is dark early, the grip has a handy light on it so I don’t have to be groping in the dark like a blind woman and putting the grip on goes like it is day light.

I even take it with me when I go out with my friends’ or family’s car. I use the grip in their car as well, so I no longer have to be embarrassed to ask for anyone’s help to support me while I’m getting out of the car. The grip fits on every single car! I have a spare grip in my hand bag, so there’s never a problem when I forget to take it with me.

I have read many car cane reviews and all of these car cane reviews seem to say the same. Now, let me show you in a small overview what I think about the car cane.

  • Non-slip grip
  • good size
  • easy to click on and off
  • easy to store and take with you
  • reasonable price
I could not find any negative features, perhaps only that the maximum weight the car cane can carry is 350 lbs 🙂


My overall rating is 8,7 out of 10.

Thank you for reading my review and I sincerely hope that you can make a wise buying decision.

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