Clean reach: does it help cleaning without giving you a backache?

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Hi there! Welcome to my review on the clean reach.another picture of the clean reach

Why did I search for the clean reach power scrubber?

I have had problems with my back as long as I can remember. Until now, the doctors haven’t been able to find a reason for the constant backache. Unfortunately, I cannot afford someone to do the house cleaning for me. Since I have to keep the house tidy myself, I am always on the look out for handy ánd affordable cleaning items that make cleaning less painful.

A while ago, I ordered another cleaning item to make my cleaning life better. I purchased the baseboard buddy from Amazon, so I did no longer have to clean the baseboards in my house sitting down on hands and knees. That was a fine purchase. The baseboard buddy cleans many spots, but it is not suitable for the cleaning of the hard-to-reach corners in the bedrooms, bathrooms, living, hall, kitchen and pantry.

These are the spots where all the dirt comes together and where bacteria multiply themselves rapidly. I need to clean these corners thorougly at least twice a week. I live in an ancient house and there are tricky corners all over the place.

A fortnight ago the actual cleanerI saw this extendable scrubbing brush advertised in a commercial on TV. I read some clean reach reviews and found that web shops also offered this brush at a good price. I decided to play safe and order the product with Amazon.

Let me tell you about clean reach

Clean reach is a kind of scrubber that helps you to clean dirty surfaces. The head is flexible and covered with a pad. Actually, it feels rather spongy. It appears that this pad consists of a special cleaning fiber and it is for that reason that it doesn’t scratch the tiles, ceiling or floor. 3 cleaning pads are included in the package. Clean reach is not heavy. It only weighs 10.1 ounces. The handle is telescopic. It can be extended to the right length with a maximum of 33″”.

My experience using clean reach

The clean reach scrubber arrived in time and was well packed. Once unpacked, I wanted to give it a try right away. The product was easy to put together, even for a clumsy woman like me! What I found straight away was that you only have to rinse gently for a thorough scrub. I didn’t have to do any kneeling or bending over. I was delighted! Scrubbing with clean reach was pleasant and light work. Until today, I have used the same pad about 7 times already and it is still in good shape. It hasn’t lost its rough non-scratching surface and does a great scrubbing job.

  • no more backaches while scrubbing hard-to-reach spots
  • Clean reach is of good quality
  • Great value for money
  • Can be used in many places

I just can’t think of any negative characteristics. Alright then; the only thing is that I need – next to the clean reach scrubber – more cleaning equipment to keep my house clean. I will continue my search!

Overall, clean reach as seen on tv is a winner. That is my final conclusion! Thank you for reading my review.


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