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Hi. My name’s Suzanne and this is my review on dial vision glasses.


Imagine, you are abroad on holiday. You love taking a sunbath while reading a good book. In the early mornings and late afternoons you wander through old villages, explore museums and cosy markets. One morning you realize that you lost your glasses. Your prescription glasses helped you reading and give long-distance sight. Without these glasses you are practically helpless. You can’t move around safely. It takes at least one week before the optician provides you with a new one. This is where the dial vision glasses come in.

What are dial vision glasses?dialvisionglasses

These are in-between-glasses that may temporarily replace your prescription glasses. The spectacles consist of two times two separate lenses: one for close-up sight and the other one for long distance sight. The glasses can be continuously adjusted for near or far sight. They correct 90% of spherical errors. This spherical error is perceived as blurring by the spectacle wearer. Each set of lenses can be adjusted by turning the knob on the side a little. This knob matches the lenses together.

What can dial vision glasses do for you?

Normally, you only have one pair of prescription glasses, simply because they can be real expensive. So, when you lose or break your prescription spectacles, you don’t want to be totally helpless because of poor sight. You just want to continue working, reading and travelling, while waiting for your prescription glasses being mended or ordered by the optician. Just adjust the lenses of the dial vision glasses to  your eye sight, both long distance and near sight.dialvisionglasses

My opinion about the dial vision glasses

I have tried out these glasses by wearing them two days in a row. I have poor long-distance sight and can hardly read anything without my reading glasses. So I started off with adjusting both lenses on the right and left side. That was surprisingly easy! I thought this would take me ages, but the adjustment of the lenses by turning both knobs went smoothly. At first, I ran to a mirror and started laughing: stylistic this certainly is a no go. I honestly don’t like the design at all. But, I have to remember, they are in-between-glasses, that functionally do their work. I can see cristal clear. Because of its compact size, the vision may be a little narrow though. You just have to turn your head more frequent up and down and to the left or right.

Outside, at night I experienced a little double vision. The lights are as if they are streaked. But, even in the dark, the vision is good! The glasses are made of plastic and they are firm and durable so you don’t have to worry about them breaking. In addition, they are light weight. For cleaning, also between each set of lenses, loosen the screws at the bridge piece and take the lenses apart. Use a soft cloth to clean, as the lenses easily scratch.

  • a perfect temporary replacement for prescription glasses
  • easily adjustable
  • durable
  • not expensive
  • Stylistic a certain no go!

In conclusion, I think they do what they claim to do: they are easily adjustable and each lens adjusts independently and results in good glasses in a pinch. I think that these spectacles work great as a back up pair of glasses for reading and long distance and therefore I find these dial vision glasses are certainly worth the money!

Thank you for reading my dial vision review!

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