Getting started with gwee gym: this is my experience.

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Hi guys. My name’s Suzanne and I am going to tell you all about the gwee gym.

Why did I purchase the gwee gym?

After the Christmas holidays, I desperately needed to lose some weight. We all know what that involves: healthy nutrition, less calories and regular exercise! I am not a big fan of gyms or sports centers. Most men and women there have fantastic muscular bodies and make me even look fatter and feel depressed :-). So, instead of spending money on the gym, I decided to treat myself to a pair of gwee gym total body workout resistance bands that I saw on TV a little while ago. I didn’t order the item with As seen on TV, but, as always, I played safe and ordered with Amazon.

What did I get with the gwee gym lite resistance bands?

The packet arrived nicely in time. I was anxious to find out if the item was really as “lite” as promised by the manufacturers and what exercises I could do with it. Before I forget: I ordered the limited pink edition ;-). I think it’s also available in blue.

I didn’t buy the gwee gym total body workout kit, because another twenty dollars would be a little over the top for my personal budget. So I have to make up my own exercises. Youtube helps me a great deal! The kit offers you some more items like a workout DVD with 50 exercises, a healthy eating e-book and a travel bag. I chose the lite version, because it is said to be suitable for beginners like me and those unsure of their exercise abilities. Well, that is definitely me! There is also a gwee gym pro available for anyone who needs more challenge. In this case, that is so not me. 

The lite gives 1.5 lbs of counter force tension, and the pro offers 2.25 lbs. The gwee gym weighs less than 1 pound. You can easily take them with you. It is said to be easy on joints and suitable for any fitness level for a total body workout. I have to get started.

My opinion about gwee gym lite…

I think that I have found my perfect workout buddy! Until now, I have taken the gwee gym with me anywhere I go. It is so easy to use, no matter where you are. I always seem to find a moment anywhere to exercise for a few minutes. On Youtube I have found some exercises that I liked and those are the ones I practice. I keep the bands in a toiletry bag, that fits nicely into most of my handbags. The only thing is that because of the pink color, the handles become a little patchy. The funny thing is that my husband Ted first laughed at me happy at exercising. Guess what! Ted has bought the black gwee gym pro (he needs a bit of a challenge) and now you can find the two of us working out together with a big smile! Finally, let me sum up the pro’s and cons.

  • light in weight and use
  • portable, easy to take with you
  • it is fun!
  • pink handle looks a bit dirty after some time
Thank you so much for reading my gwee gym review. Hope to see you again!

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