Rotorazer: was it an asset to the renovation of my new home?

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Hi, my name is Suzanne and I am here to tell you what me and my husband Ted think of the rotorazer.

As you might have read in my former reviews on cleaning tools, me and my husband recently bought an ancient house that is built in the 1920s. The house needed a thorough renovation and we tried to keep all the original characteristics such as stained glass windows, ceiling crowns and baseboards in the same state they were originally built.

Since I am the one that watches As seen on TV to find products that I can use in my new home, I came across this 3-bladed rotorazer saw. As usual, the presentation of the tool was very smooth. But it gave me and Ted all the information we needed to know.

We were going to put in a laminate floor in all three children’s bedrooms. The manufacturer promises us a 1/2″ deep cut and a razer that is not to heavy, since I am also going to use it! As you perhaps already know, I am a consumer that plays safe, so after having read many rotrazer reviews, I ordered this item with Amazon, also because there was no price difference.

What is the rotorazer saw supposed to do?

The rotorazer is a circular saw that comes with three sharp blades. The tool is said to be light weight, easy-to-use, and it can be used in many different ways. There is a powerful 400 Watt motor inside and it is said be able to cut in PVC, hardwood, tile, marble, steel and metal. The saw also comes with a dust extraction system. The razors aren’t difficult to put in.  The depth of the saw can be easily adapted and so can the angle in which the saw has to cut.

How does a circular saw like rotorazer work?

A circular saw is expecially suitable for making straight cuts. However, it can be a dangerous tool if you don’t do a proper setup before you start using it. Instead of working with a free hand, you’d better use a straight shelf that can be lined up against the fence of the saw. Then the saw will go in a straight line. Working that way, you won’t lose control of the saw and stop the blade from turning sideways, which will bind the blade immediately.

What jobs did Ted and I do with the rotoraser?

We initially bought this saw to cut the laminate floorboards. Ted started cutting and it went smoothly from the beginning. He showed me how to do it and I also managed quite well. Ted was measuring and marking the cutting length and I was sawing it after that. The rotoraser is not heavy, its handle is suitable for smaller hands like mine. The switches for changing the blades or the angle are easy to turn and to fix. There was still quite some dust coming out of the machine, although it was promised to extract most of the dust. This was a little disappointing. On TV it looked as if hardly any dust would come out. In the hall, two marble tiles were cracked. The new tiles I got had to be cut into the right size. This was no problem for the rotoraser. In our garden, there was a steel fence. It was rusted and dented. We decided to get rid of it. That was another test for the rotoraser saw! We managed after quite some time. Understandably, because it was a hell of a job with a jerk of a fence.

Our opinion of the rotoraser

Well, the saw arrived right on time and it was very well packed. It seemed impossible to get broken during transportation. To be honest, I really liked the red color. I had to promise Ted not to put this down in the review for you, but I think it is a nice detail for us handy women 🙂  In short, this circular saw did what was promised by the manufacturers. The product description state clearly that the maximum sawing depth is 1/2 inch. And that is exactly what it can handle. No more than that. The power is fine for rather light renovation jobs as described above. The only thing Ted and I found a little disappointing were the amounts of dust that still came out while sawing. We recommend to cover your eyes with protection glasses. Here’s a short list of this item’s pro’s and cons.

  • sufficient power for cutting various materials
  • light weight
  • easy-to-use
  • also fit for smaller hands
  • Dust extraction system is not as good as promised

Overall, this circular saw has really helped us renovating our new home. Thank you for reading my rotoraser review. I hope to see you next time!

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