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Hi, I’m Jack and I have actually bought the full set of the red copper pan as seen on tv and thoroughly tested their products to write this review.

In this review I’ll tell you exactly what I did to come to my conclusions. (I’m very nitpicky, by the way!)

I shall go into great detail about the red copper pan, but I’ve also tested other products such as the red copper frying pan and the red copper square pan. (And others!)

Another factor I take into my review & my overall ratings of the red copper pans are other people their experiences / red copper pan reviews. I’ve read a whole lot of them and taken them in to account. Most of them were quite good.

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If you don’t have time to read through my tests, just use this quick comparison:

Product?Price?Recommended?Check on AmazonRead full review
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Original Pan$Not reallybuttonClick here
Frying Pan$Yup!buttonClick here
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The red copper square pan

red copper square pan
Alright, let’s start off with the red copper square pan review, the nice looking, squared shaped, ceramic, non-stick red copper pan.
Overall, I found this to be the best ceramic pan out of the test.  It definitely does what the advertisement says.

However, you have to know how to use it! There are a few rules with this pan, in order not to completely wreck it.

So, let’s dive right into the juicy details!

About the non-stick functionality: That definitely works. I tried cooking the most sticky food ever with no butter or oil. That’s right: An egg.

After leaving the egg to cook for longer than I normally would let it cook (to make the test better), I grabbed the handle (which was surprisingly cold), and I continued to slide out the egg without touching it. I just held the pan above my plate and see if it would slide out. And boom, there it was. The egg slid nicely onto my plate.

I was very happy, the red copper square pan, so far, did its job without any problem.

Earlier, I was talking about a rule that you have to apply for the red copper square pan in order to keep the lifespan at a maximum. I found this rule while scrolling through some red copper pan reviews online and I found the same rule in the little instructions booklet that comes with the red copper square pan. I haven’t tested it myself but, the combination of people writing red copper pan reviews about how they have ruined their red copper square pan by not abiding by this rule and the instruction booklet that says the same thing, I’m assuming it’s true.

The rule is: Do not overheat the pan! Don’t try to cook things way too fast. This rule actually applies to all other red copper pans and in general, to all non-stick products. The exact rule is in the booklet (With what levels etc.). You really have to follow this rule. If you don’t, you will be fine the first time. Perhaps the second time. But I am willing to bet that it won’t last 3 times if you overheat it everytime. And I’m not even talking about medium heat levels, I am talking the real overheating that burns your food.

For the sake of this test, I even went on to try and scratch the surface of the red copper square pan with a metal fork and it didn’t leave a mark. Pretty cool!

After cooking the egg, I had to wipe a tissue across the surface and, if we are to believe the advertisement on the television, the red copper square pan should be clean and ready to go into the dishwasher without any problems.

And again, I was satisfied. It was ready to go in to the dishwasher, which makes up the next step of the test!

So, I empty my dishwasher, put the red copper square pan in and I let it run, hoping that it would survive like the infomercial told us. I went to have lunch with a good friend of mine and when I came back, the dishwasher was done. Exciting!

I opened the dishwasher, pulled out the lower tray and I saw the red copper square pan shining. It had the same color and it survived perfectly.

This was the first test that I have done with this and it was almost a week ago as of this writing. I have used the red copper square pan almost every day of the week because I like the size and there’s always almost someone over to eat here. Non-stick functionality isn’t gone because I followed the holy rule of the red copper square pan.


      • Doesn’t stick at all
      • The one-wipe cleaning works
      • Is indeed dishwasher safe
      • No scratches
      • Lots of space because of the squared shape
      • Looks very nice
      • I don’t think there are any cons, it’s the 2nd best product out of their line

Personally, I bought this pan off of Amazon. I bought it there because they always offer great return policies and it’s just an website that I trust. Other web shops that I’ve never heard of selling these pans just seem shady to me.


If I had to rate this red copper pan, I would give it an overall rating of 9/10.

The design is great and the advertised functions work nicely.

I did some research on other red copper square pan reviews and most of them seem to say the same: it works.

Onto the next review!

The original red copper pan

original red copper pan

Okay, this pan didn’t come out of the test as great as the red copper square pan.

I’ll explain why I think this is not the best product out of their line.

For this test, I used the same process as the squared pan. I baked an egg longer than I usually bake it, without any butter or oil and then went on to wipe the red copper pan with a tissue and put it in my dishwasher.

After leaving the egg to cook, I wanted to slide the egg out without touching it. Should be possible with a non-stick pan, right? It worked. However! I read some red copper pan reviews online that said that it didn’t have the non-stick functionality on the second day and guess what? It was correct. The pan totally lost its non-stick functionality when I tried cooking another egg a few hours later. I wasn’t happy. For a good non-stick pan, I’d recommend the red copper square pan, not this one.

I still went on with the test, I tried wiping the surface with a tissue, that worked to a degree. Some of the egg that stuck to the pan, was stuck onto the pan very heavily. After wiping it, I put it in my dishwasher and it did survive that. So it isn’t a complete failure.

UPDATE: I read online that the non-stick works but only on low-medium heat levels, so I ordered another one of these red copper pans (They’re only 20 bucks) and I tried it several days without putting the heat to the maximum level. And yup, the non-stick worked this time and wiping it was easier.


      • Non-stick works on low-medium heat levels
      • Dishwasher proof
      • The wipe cleaning works but only if you baked your food on the correct heat levels
      • Isn’t good for cooking things fast (On high heat)
      • The handle gets pretty hot when cooking for a longer period of time
      • Not very scratch proof

Overall, I’d rate this pan a 6,5/10. Most advertised features ended up working but you have to follow the low-medium heat rule. Sadly, they didn’t tell me that in their television ad.

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Or, click here to see the 10 inch version on Amazon

Onto the next test!

Red copper frying pan

red copper frying pan

We’ve landed at my red copper frying pan review. It was a nice frying pan.

It has two different handles, which makes the pan easy to, well, handle. (No pun intended)

I went to fry some potato slices in this pan to give them a delicious crunchy layer.

As a start, I put a little bit of oil into this red copper pan, heated it up until the oil started bubbling and then I put in the rest of the oil. (This is good to make sure the non-stick coating stays alive)

After all oil was bubbling, I put in the potato slices and after a couple of minutes, they looked delicious! The smell was nice and I couldn’t wait.

To test if the red copper frying pan is oven-proof, I turned on the oven at only 120 degrees. (Just to keep the food warm).

Left the frying pan in the oven for half an hour and it didn’t seem to have any effect on the pan whatsoever.

I proceeded to take out the potato slices and they didn’t stick at all, which, to me, proofed the non-stick coating. After pouring the oil out of the red copper frying pan, I let it cool off for a little bit. After it was cold enough to touch, I took a tissue and tried wiping off the remainders of the food. It worked!

People reading this review should be thanking me because, for the sake of this review, I took a steel fork and tried testing the no scratch feature of this pan.

Woops! The non-scratch feature didn’t seem to work that well. It left a couple of scratches!

So, after scratching the pan, I put it into my dishwasher and I watched the television some more waiting for it to finish.

Nervously, I opened the dishwasher and took out the pan. The frying pan was completely clean and it was shining. Good!


If I had to rate this pan overall, I’d give it a solid 7.5/10.


      • I like the two handles, which stay pretty cold
      • Non-Stick works
      • Dishwasher proof
      • Nice design
      • Wiping it with a tissue works

      • Not completely scratch proof


Red copper pan cookware (5 piece all-in-one pan)

red copper 5 piece cookware set

This pan was really good. And I mean, really good.

The main piece out of this red copper pan cookware set is of course the pan itself.

It is very deep, and has a very safe lid. I feel safety when I feel a heavy lid. Is that something only I have?

The package comes with that red copper pan, a good deep frying net, a second handle, a steam lid and a normal lid. I personally really enjoy a pan that can do everything in one perfectly fine.

I’ve done a whole lot of tests with this pan, I deep fried, I roasted chicken, I cooked traditionally, I put it into the oven for my lasagna and I steamed something. Keep in mind though, I’m not an amazing cook!

So let’s dive right into this red copper pan cookware set review:

Let’s start with the deep frying test!

Deep Frying Test

I tried frying some fries in this using the frying net that came with it and the very deep pan. So, I filled the pan with some oil and I heated it up on my stove using 2 different gas pits. When the oil started to bubble, I lifted the frying net, which I filled with the fries, right in there. I was pretty scared, I personally don’t enjoy frying because I think it is dangerous but after seeing the result of this test, I’m actually thinking about frying some more in the very near future!

After a couple of minutes, I checked on the fries and they were looking & smelling delicious, but they were not quite ready. Had to wait some more.

As opposed to most people, I actually enjoy the smell of frying food.

I enjoyed the smell some more and finally, the fries were ready to be taken out. The frying net was easy to lift and all the oil stayed in the red copper pan. I continued to serve the fries onto me and my friends plate and I put some salt on them. The result was delicious. Very easy to deep fry with this pan.

Again, you guys should be very thankful to me because I went to scratch-test the pan. (My friend thought I was crazy). Luckily, my metal fork didn’t leave any scratches.

After eating all of my lovely fries, I emptied the dishwasher and put in the pan along with the frying net. They both survived it and were shiny and clean.

For the next test of this, so far, great red copper pan I went to roast a big chicken.

Roasting chicken with the red copper pan

I took my car and drove all the way to a butcher which usually sells delicious and huge chickens. (He claims they are biological and I believe him). Luckily, he had some nice chickens in stock. I bought a huge chicken, driving home I was wondering if it would even fit into the pan. Lucky for me, it did. This red copper pan is square shaped so it actually fit in there very well. I continued to put some paprika powder and some salt on the chicken. (Great combination, by the way!)

Chicken, in my opinion, should be crispy and brown so I put my oven at 450 degrees on the grill function and I shoved the pan with the marinated chicken in there.

I began smelling the chicken after about 15 minutes and I was very hungry. After 45 minutes I went to check if it was brown enough, I thought it should roast for another 15 minutes before taking it out. And yes, after one hour it was perfect! I enjoyed my chicken and the pan did its job.

Of course, after eating comes the very annoying task of emptying and filling the dishwasher. Before putting the pan in the dishwasher, I went to scratch test the pan again (I must be stupid or something J), and the metal fork didn’t leave any scratches again.

The pan survived the dishwasher again, by the way.

Now comes my test of traditionally cooking some food in this pan.

Traditional cooking

I decided to go with chicken curry. I went to the grocery store (not the butcher this time around) and I purchased some chicken breasts along with some pots of curry sauce. When I came home, I put some salt on the chicken breasts, left them for a few minutes and I then proceeded to warm up the pan without any oil or butter because the pan should be non-stick.

In the meantime, I cut the chicken breasts into pieces and I put some more salt on them. Although it might not be such a healthy habit, I put salt on everything.

The pan was hot enough after about 2 minutes and I proceeded to put the chicken pieces in there, along with all of the curry sauce. I accidentally bought too much food and the pan was halfway filled. It’s a super deep pan so you can imagine how much that was, for only 1 person!

Top Tip: Don’t go grocery shopping while you’re hungry

The curry sauce heated up pretty fast and the huge sides on the pan didn’t allow any splatters out, which is great. I don’t like burning my arms.

After some time (Sorry, didn’t put a timer on this one), I checked if the chicken was cooked and it was. I took out a deep plate and all of the food slid nicely into that plate. Didn’t have to scratch. I can tell you that I had a lot of nice chicken curry that day!

When I was done, the unfortunate task of emptying the dishwasher came along again. I emptied it and before putting the pan in there I actually wiped it with a tissue and it worked.

Oh and the pan survived the dishwasher again!

The next day I decided to eat lasagna and see if this pan could handle my epic lasagna skills. I don’t make traditional lasagna, I make salmon lasagna. It’s amazing.

Making Epic Lasagna

So, I go to the grocery store (hungry again) and I buy some pasta strips, spinach, salmon and a bunch of cheese. I went back home and I immediately started building my lasagna, I created layer after layer. I built it directly in the deep pan. You’ll be amazed how much fits in this pan. It looked very nice and it went into the oven. I don’t remember the exact degree or time it went in there, I know that I just used traditional lasagna times though.

I took out the pan, the lasagna was looking and smelling delicious!

Grabbed a plate and tried to slide the lasagna right on there. It stuck just a little bit but taking a fork and barely pushing it solved the issue. No major issue there. Before eating, I tried scratching the pan while it was still hot and there were no scratches again. It seems clear to me that this pan is truly scratch-free.

After eating this tremendous dinner, there was the great daily depression: Emptying and filling the dishwasher. I really don’t like doing that. It isn’t even that long ago that I used I used to clean my dishes the traditional way, I was so happy when I got the dishwasher! Now it’s just a pain.  The pan survived the monsther called the dishwasher again, by the way.

The next day I decided I wanted to steam something in this, so far, awesome pan.

Steaming Vegetables For The 1st Time

What should I steam? Hmmm.. I thought long and hard. Meat or veggies? In the end I gave the vegetables a slight edge.

My meal will be: Steamed broccoli & vegetables with a nice, rare steak next to it.

So where do I start?

I went to the grocery store, bought a bunch of broccoli and carrots (Oh well, I can freeze some for later) and bought 2 beautiful steaks. Yes, I eat two steaks. I came back home with a bag full of snacks and of course, the veggies & the meat.

Okay, I won’t really eat 2 big steaks. I actually invited a friend over to come and eat with me because I had so much veggies and of course, 2 steaks. I’ll show off to him with my new red copper pans. So, let’s get to the cooking! (Or shall I say, steaming!

The first step was cutting both the broccoli and the carrots into pretty small pieces. After that came the steaming. Apparently, broccoli steams faster than carrots because carrots are thicker, I guess you learn something new every day. The general rule for broccoli (according to an old recipe book on my desk) is 5 to 7 minutes and the rule for carrots is 8 to 20 minutes. The recipe book turned out to be not so accurate. I mean, who says 8 to 20 minutes?

So after cutting the vegetables, I add water (1 inch) to the very deep pan and I apply the steamer basket that came with this 5 piece red copper cookware set. The water was under the basket, as the book suggested, and I was happy about that. I turned on 2 gas pits and placed the pan over those 2 pits, patiently waiting for the water to start boiling and steaming. After some time, the water started bubbling and I saw steam coming out of the pan, great!

I turned down the heat to medium and I put the carrots onto the steam basket, after that I closed the lid and I was hopeful of this pan’s functionality.

Remember though, the carrots needed to be put on the steam basket earlier than the broccoli because broccoli takes 5-7 minutes to cook and carrots take 8-20 minutes. (Still amazed at the unbelievable “accuracy”)

After about 12 minutes, I decided to put the broccoli in there as well so that they could both finish at the same time. After putting the broccoli in there, I cooked the steaks just a little bit with the square red copper pan, using the little space that was left on my stove.

The recipe book suggested that I should be able to easily stick a not-so-sharp knife through the thickest part of the vegetables in order to determine if they were done. And yes, they seemed very done! It might sound like I’m bragging but, the steaks that I cooked were tremendous. A great dinner overall, quick and very tasty. Definitely going to steam more with this pan and it’s steam basket. This was one of my first times in life steaming and it couldn’t have been easier.

I don’t want to brag, but I don’t know anyone who has done more testing than I have in the history of red copper pan reviews.

      • Steaming is nice and easy
      • Great for traditional cooking
      • Tremendous pan for in the oven
      • Roasting was very tasty
      • Deep frying felt safe
      • Very deep: a lot can fit in this pan
      • Squared: also benefits to the space
      • Actually scratch resistant
      • Survives the horrible dishwasher
      • I personally like the design
      • My favorite red copper pan

      • The deepness can be distracting when cooking tiny things (You can use the normal pan for that, though)

I’d rate this pan a very deserving 9/10.



Red copper cookware 10 piece set

red copper 10 pc cookware set

Sorry guys, I won’t do a full day-by-day test with all of the different red copper pans you get with this set. It’s not like the deep pan that is super multifunctional that we talked about earlier. These are basically the red copper pans that are scratch resistant, 100% copper and they are for cooking with water and baking. Just the traditional cooking. You also get some handy things with it like a colander. This is their entire set and it’s enough for the average household. I also have this set and I like it a lot. Does what it says, doesn’t stick, doesn’t get scratches and is made out of copper. However, you have to take care of the non-stick coating by not overheating the pan too much. Just cook on low-medium levels and it will work perfectly fine. Who cooks on high levels anyway? I don’t like burning stuff, personally.

A very good addition to this set would be the red copper square pan that I mentioned in this article earlier. It would go great with this set when you have to cook for a slightly larger crowd. Let’s say grandma and grandpa hop by, you whip out the red copper square pan along with this normal set and you’re good to go. Well, that’s what I personally do. When I first bought a red copper pan, it was because I was genuinely interested in the product. I also saw it through an infomercial. My first one was the red copper square pan and I consider it the second best pan out of their line, the only pan that tops that is the deep 5 piece red copper pan set.

Anyway! I almost forgot to mention that cooking in these pans has worked fine without butter or grease, so that’s good.


      • 100% copper
      • Non-stick
      • Non-scratch
      • Personally like the designs
      • Great set to have
      • Healthier cooking without butter or grease


      • Can be ruined if you overheat (by setting pits on high heat levels)

I’d rate this set a good 8,5/10 since it does what it says and I have enjoyed the red copper pan set for a few weeks now.




Summary of what other people are saying

I’ve been scrolling around the web to see if other people have had something to say in their red copper pan reviews that I can roughly summarize in mine. I didn’t really find any serious complaints in these red copper pan reviews apart from a returning one: People overheating their pan because they don’t know the rule that I explained earlier in my review. Some of those red copper pan reviews are complaining about the lid being too heavy on the deeper red copper pan. I disagree with that as it is not even THAT heavy and it makes for a super safe pan. Not trying to give myself too much credit but I think I’ve written done a better test and written a better review than all of the red copper pan reviews I have found.

I hope you enjoyed my tests on these red copper pans, most of them actually work as described on TV! The results came as a surprise since the infomercial seemed a bit sketchy and there were some negative red copper pan reviews out there but turns out they didn’t follow the simple, yet effective rule. Apparently my first assumption wrong. The red copper pan line has been of great value to my kitchen. To be honest, I think they’re better than some of my Tefal pans. Although the tefal pans can withstand super-heat levels, which I never use.

Click here if you want to go up to the comparison table for a quick overview of my tests on the various red copper pan products!

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

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