Table mate: is it really as handy as advertised?

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Hi, my name is Suzanne and I am going to give you a review about the table mate.

Why did I buy the table mate?table mate

In May last year my favorite aunt, who is 69 years old, had a severe stroke and had to stay in hospital for over 6 months. She was over the moon to hear that she was finally laid off from hospital and could go home to her husband and daughter. It wasn’t ideal yet, she could not walk very well yet, and had to be careful not to fall over.  She only goes out for a little walk into the garden, to breath in some fresh air and look at the flowers. For the rest of the day she sits on the couch and watches TV.

When I visited my aunt, she sat on the couch with her laptop on her legs. She complained the laptop was too heavy and too hot on her legs. She was sad she couldn’t pick up her drawing because she wasn’t able to sit at her drawing table yet.  Before the stroke, she made the most beautiful paintings. She even exhibited a few times in little galleries in our area.

Finding the right table

When I got home afterwards, I searched the internet for a table that can be adjusted in height and preferably had a cantable table top! I came across  the table mate . The price was affordable and the reviews were various. Some good, some bad, some average. I think that is what one may expect with items in the lower price range. After all, I decided to order the white table mate. After trying out the table mater myself, I would give it to my aunt as a present.

Trying out the table mate

I was pleased to find out that the product was well packed. It arrived without a scratch or dent. The color is snow white. The table was easy to put together and the manual was clear about the possible positions and angles the table top could be put in. The first thing I noticed was that the table was not 100% stable.

Once I put my laptop on it, the stability got a lot better and I found that I the instability did not really bother me personally

I set the height for the couch, a dining room chair and the side of my bed which is quite low. All three heights were alright. The table mate is not wide enough to be use in bed, but I knew that beforehand because its measures are given. The edges are raised, so my pencils don’t fall off. A cup holder is attached to the table and it can rotate so it stays level when the table is not in its level position. I was glad to find that the table was very easy to fold and can be put away underneath the couch or bed.

What did my aunt think about the table mate?

After convincing myself that this item was what would make my aunt much more comfortable on her couch, I wrapped it up and gave it to her as a present. I set the right measures and she and her husband were surprised about the simplicity of it. We turned the table top a little, got her drawing paper and pencils and she got on to it right away! She is ever so pleased with it and uses it day in day out.

Finally, let me sum up the pro’s and cons of the tablemate for you.

  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • It is easy to set the right height and rotate the table top
  • Affordable price
  • Cup holder
  • It is a little wobbly, but this is hardly noticable once in use
Overall, I think this item is a good buy. It works pretty much as advertised and me and my aunt are very pleased with it!


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