What my cat Harry and I think of true touch glove

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Hi, thank you for your interest in my review about true touch glove. My name is Suzanne and I have been blessed with Harry. Harry is a kitten who walked into my life when he was only¬†12 weeks old. Harry is the sweetest and funniest kitten ever! He gives me so much joy that I can’t imagine what my life was like before he took over my household ūüôā

Why do I need this true touch glove for my pet?

Let me tell you that, the moment Harry came into my house, I found cats hair everywhere straight away. Just the thing I do not like about pets! Luckily, there is a wooden floor in the living room and linoleum in the hall and kitchen. Therefore, it is not difficult to hoover the place. If there is no fabric sofa and a carpet or rug on the floor, there is cats hair constantly swirling all over the place.

I asked my friend Jane what to do about it. ¬†You should know, Jane is a great cat lover and her 3 cats live inside her house.¬†I don’t have time to hoover and dust my house twice or three times every single day. Her house is comparable to mine; it has wooden floors and there are no carpets or fabric sofas either. I was anxious to find out why her place hadn’t turned into one big hair ball…..

Jane told me that once she returns from work in the evening, always one or two of her cats jump on her lap as soon as she sits down. She takes the true touch deshedding glove and grooms the cats. Every time she does this, all loose cats hair stick to the glove. She even uses two gloves at the same time, one for each cat enjoying the grooming on her lap. In doing so, she does not only keep her house a lot cleaner, she also bonds with her cats and make them feel loved.

What’s changed after I bought the true touch glove?

Let me assure you, Harry loves his new BFF! Every time he sees me sitting down, he jumps on my lap and starts spinning straight away: he knows a real massage and grooming session is coming up! The difference in the house is easy to notice: far less hair everywhere. The cats hair stick to the glove and they are very easy to remove.  One pull is enough to get rid of all the cat hairs at once.

        • less cats hair swirling in my house
        • cheap & easy to order
        • the happiest cat ever!
I just cannot think of any cons on the true touch glove! My advice to you is to order it as soon as possible and not to waste any time: your pet will love you even more!

O dear, I almost forgot: this product has the same dazzling effect on your dog ūüôā

Thanks for reading my true touch glove review and I look forward to sharing my next story with you.



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